Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Thank you for your emails, comments and concerns

Didn't expect to get as many hits as we have.

There seems to be a lot of buzz at the Urban Toronto forums.  Thank you all for the kind words, advice and concerns.

Wow, now I hear that there is breaking glass?  I really hope that doesn't fall on anyone.  The last thing we want now is our building reserve fund being depleted for things that should never happen.

We're going to try to see if others on the M5V facebook page are willing to share their stories.

In the meantime... more pictures!
As always, click on the pictures to see bigger full resolution versions.

 Looking at the door to the guest washroom - more rough painting.  Ah.. going to need to get a scrapper or something.  What a waste of time.

 Just inside the main door.   Dent came complete with the unit!  What a steal!  Want to see something funny.  See where the door, door frame and wall meet up.... (see next picture).

 Yup.  Poor workmanship strikes again.  And yet again, they fair at hiding it at all.  Sigh.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can even touch something like this up??

 Speaking of door ways, apparently they went and checked all the weather proofing installed on the doors to the units.  Guess they either haven't inspected ours yet or thought it was good enough (ie It's there but don't really care how it works).  Unfortunately, the stuck it wrong one side, and it half lifted off, exposing the sticky glue substance.  So every time we open the door, we get some extra resistance and we're greeting by a ripping/tearing sound.  Just what we needed, more resistance and extra noise!

The other side (which was installed correctly).
Notice how its flat?  Why can't the other side be like that too?

 Wow.  Nice heat pump.  We love this thing.  We even named it Charles.  It's quiet and energy efficient!  What we don't like is how it was installed.  Remember what I said in the last post about how the hole was cut?
Yeah... seriously... 

A 10 year old with a saw could have done better.  Heck, we could have armed one of our nieces or nephews with a nice dremel or other circular saw device and they probably would have done a better job.  

We'll keep updating and posting and you guys keep writing and spreading the word.

Remember, leave some comments here too!  


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